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We specialise in the maintenance and painting of all types of Marine craft constructed in aluminum, fibreglass, wood and steel. This includes the repair of polyester gelcoat, including Osmosis,re-laminating where required and the application of epoxy, primers, top coats, varnish and Teak Oils.


Some of the materials we sell

Yacht paints and care products:
- All kinds of paints
- Antifoulling paints (AWLGrip, International, Jotun, Teknomarin, Moravia, Duaratek, DYO marine, Hempel, Seajet)
- Fillers
- Epoxy systems
- Varnishes
- Teak oil
- Gel coats
- Polyester
- Thinners
- 3M Yacht care products
- Sikaflex
Anchor, Mask tapes, Electronic Products, Inox Electric material, Brushes and rollers, Ropes, Blocks, Hardware products, Hose clamps and attachments, Chrome Materials, Bilge Equipments, Inflatable Boat, Life raft, Life buoy, Life jacket, Anodes, Turkish and foreign flags, Fenders, Valves, Oils and Antifreeze, Yacht Accessories, Yacht Cleaning supplies, Sandpapers, Chain, chain attachments, chain marks